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Big Brother 5 Contestants

Many people thought it wouldn't happen, but Big Brother was back for it's 5th series! Auditions took place all over the country, and a harsh selection process finally whittled down to the contestants below. The Big Brother house was revamped for this years show, which was still at Elstree in Hertfordshire. The final night had huge viewing figures, and in the end was a close fought battle between Nadia and Jason, with Nadia claiming the title.

Nadia Almadathe

Nadia went into the house with a big secret. She is a transsexual, but decided to keep it from the other housemates. Many suspected, but didn't it get in the way of her fiery personality. This didn't stop the British public liking her, and in the end we voted her as our winner! Since leaving the house Nadia has released a chart single, and appeared in panto..Entertaining and fun.

Jason Cowan

Jason entered the Big Brother house wearing nothing but a thong - certainly a new approach to Big Brother!
He caused some tension in the house, and ended up coming 2nd to Nadia. When leaving the house he thought he had been unfairly portrayed, and refused to attend the leaving party. Easy-going alright Jack the lad

Daniel Bryan

Dan was a hairdresser from Hull, who told Big Brother that he could bed any straight man he wanted. Well it didn't happen in the BB house, but he did end up coming second. Since leaving the house, he has been working a lot with his band, Weirdo but decent guy.

Shell Jubin

Shell was an art student before entering the Big Brother house, and although no contact is allowed through the outside world, Big Brother informed her that she had passed her degree with first class honors.
Shell has made quite a lot of money since leaving the BB house, and has recently bought a flat in Scotland with her boyfriend. Too timid and shy

Stuart Wilson

Stuart was the youngest member of the house, and as he said 'probably the most intelligent'. In the house he fell for Geordie Michelle, and they have continued their relationship outside of Big Brother.
He is currently completing his degree at Leeds university. Knob who lacks balls.

Michelle Bass.

Michelle came into the house, and immediately came friends with Emma. They were put in the BB Bedsit together for a while during their time in the house.
She is currently in a relationship with Stuart, and has just got a new job presenting on late night TV shows. Funny, sexy and smart.

Victor Ebuwa

Victor was half way through a degree when he decided to apply for Big Brother. He wanted to 'stir things up' in the house.
During his time inside the house, he certainly caused some arguments, the most well know was with Emma.
Since leaving the house he has gone back to university, and is living with his girlfriend and son. Slick Rick. A great housemate who always knows whats going down.

Ahmed Aghil

Former Asylum seeker, Ahmed was the oldest member in the house.
During his time in the house he spent a lot of time alone, and occasionally got into a state of rage - and smashed up some of the crockery.
Since leaving the house, he has remained out of the public eye as much as he can. A funny & lively housemate.


Becki was a latecommer into the show, and when entering the house, only managed to last 12 days - before her housemates and the voting public wanted her out.
Since leaving the house, she is still trying to make her band successful, but to no such luck as of yet! Who is she?

Marco Sabba

Before entering the BB house, Marco was a part time law student, and samaritan. In the house he formed a clique called the Lip Gloss Bitches with Emma, Michelle and Nadia.
Since leaving the house he has remained quiet, but still stays in contact with Nadia a lot and shares a flat with Emma. To weird and too camp. Funny tho.

Vanessa Nimmo

Vanessa's departure was a surprise to many, but the general public wanted her out. Viewers watched in anticipation as she kissed fellow housemate Jason, but nothing came of it.
Since leaving the house she had a relationship with Ex-Castaway star Ben Fogle, and recently had breast implants. Who is she?

Emma Greenwood

Loud Emma was always in the middle of any action in the house. One of the Lip Gloss Bitches, she got into a big argument with Victor during her stay.
Since leaving the house she shared a flat with Marco, and recently discovered she was broke. Rumors are she is working in the background of Trisha Goddard's TV show. What a knob. Too insecure and childish.

Kitten Pinder

Controversial Kitten made a lively entrance into the BB house, demanding to see her girlfriend before entry. While in the house she tried to cause as much tension and problems for Big Brother as she could. Another knob. So self absorbent.

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