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Big Brother 6 Contestants

After a wild series 5, Big Brother producers decided to run a 6th series of the show. They tried their best to create a mix of people and personalities, and I think you'll agree they succeeded!
A total of 16 new faces entered our lives, with the final night dragging in record viewing figures. After a closely fought battle, Anthony ending up winning the series, claiming the prize fund.

Anthony Hutton

Anthony entered the house as a 70's dancer from County Durham. On his entrance walk, he received a large booing and heckling from the audience, as he danced along the platform. He has kept low key since winning the series, occasionally appearing at public openings and events. Very honest and fun.

Eugene Sully

Eugene entered the house after being chosen by Makosi in the secret task on day 32. While in the house he formed strong friendships with Derek and Kinga. He also left the house £50,000 richer, after being proposed a deal by Big Brother. Recently, Eugene tried to win a place on his local council, but unfortunately failed to do so. Kind and nice geek.

Makosi Musambasi

Makosi will be remembered mostly for her flamboyant personality, and the tension she caused in the house. Before entering the house she was a cardiac nurse for the NHS, but upon leaving had troubles staying in the country due to problems with her VISA. Recent newspaper reports said that she has been working as a prostitute. A good housemate. Tried to hard.

Kinga Karolczak

Kinga entered Big Brother's secret bedroom along with Orlaith and Eugene, but wasn't originally picked by Makosi to enter the house. Half Polish and half Kuwati, she re-entered the house and ended up finishing fourth. Since leaving the house she formed a relationship with fellow contestant Kemal. Definitely has bottle!. Fun, yet too annoying.

Craig Coates

Craig entered the house as a hairdresser from Norfolk. During his Big Brother experience, he became obsessed with fellow contestant Anthony, but unfortunately for him the feeling was one way. He presented a one off TV pro gramme with Makosi called 'Let's Make a Baby'. Very strange and cringe worthy to watch.

Derek Laud

Before entering the Big Brother house, Derek Laud was a speechwriter for the conservative party. In the house he tried to keep as level headed as possible, and was very opinionated in some of the heated discussions. Since leaving the house, Derek has tried to keep his private life away from the media, and repeatedly turns down interviews and TV appearances. Very different and alright.

Orlaith McAllister

Orlaith entered the house after being chosen by Makosi in the secret task. A hit with the men inside the house and all around the country, since leaving the house Oralith has kept herself in the public eye by attending many film premieres and nightclubs around the country. She recently ran the London Marathon, raising money for charity.Very sexy and fun.


Kemal was a student at Liverpool university before entering the house, and worked part time as a belly dancer. In the house he formed a strong friendship with Derek, who he called 'Grandpa'. He will be remembered for his colorful dress style, and witty humor.Funny and entertaining weirdo.

Kieron Harvey

Science, as he is known to his friends entered the house and many people took a disliking to him. However as we got to know the real Keiron Harvey, the more the public warmed too him. Before entering the house he won an award from the BBC for a documentary he produced. In the closest eviction night ever, Science was evicted with 50.5% of the votes. He tried but was not as slick as Rick

Vanessa Layton

Vanessa was the youngest person in Big Brother 6, and while in the house teamed up with Craig and Lesley to form 'Team Britney'.
She was the 7th person to be evicted from the house, and recent reports are she was dating Science. Who is she?


Maxwell was said to be the most 'normal' out of all the housemates upon entering the house. He emerged quickly as the joker of the group, and formed a strong bond with Saskia. Their relationship carried on once leaving the house, and they were rumored to be presenting a Richard and Judy style show, but nothing came of it. Jack the lad and a total  knob.

Saskia Howard-Clarke

Saskia entered the house a promotions girl from London. She charmed the public in the first few weeks, and was in no danger of being evicted, however after a few arguments with Kemal over whether or not she and maxwell had 'done the deed' in the house - the public turned against her with the majority of people choosing  to evict her. Nasty, vile  piece of work.Boring as s*@t.

Roberto Conte

'Italion stallion' Roberto entered the house with a lot of life experience. His jobs included a paratrooper, a teacher, professional basketball player and windsurfer. He was also a finalist in 'Italy's most handsome man'
Roberto caused a lot of controversy in the house, and was evicted with the majority of the vote against Derek.. What a legend. especially when he poured his food over Maxwell.

Sam Heuston

Sam Heuston entered the house, just after finishing her marketing degree at Oxford Brookes University. Flirty with the male house-mates, a lot of people didn't warm to her. Since leaving the house she has done many photo shoots with Nuts, Maxim and Zoo. She turned down an offer from Playboy Magazine. Sexy and pretty but unlikable.

Lesley Sanderson

Lesley was the second contestant to be voted out of the Big Brother house. Before entering the house she was a sale assistant from Huddersfield, and whilst in the house formed a strong friendship with Craig.
Since leaving the house, Lesley has had a rough time and was planning on releasing a single called 'Hated'. Err, who is she?

Mary O'Leary

'Scary Mary' as she was branded by the tabloids, was the first evictee of the series. She entered the house a psychic advisor, freelance writer and practicing white witch. The public had a hard time warming to her, and after repeating she didn't want to stay in the house. Decent and honest Scary Mary, say no more! lol.

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