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Emily Elizabeth Parr

Emily Elizabeth Parr aged 19, who was removed from the big brother house was born 15 April 1988. She  is a drama student from Downend, near Bristol. Emily says she resembles Peaches Geldof. She describes herself as an "indie rock and roll queen", and highly intelligent saying she could read from the age of two.

Emily was put up for eviction in the first round of nominations. Only Ziggy could nominate, and they did not see eye to eye. However she was removed from the house as she was heard using the word "nigger" in reference to fellow housemate Charley.

This was due to strict rules imposed by Big Brother which have been put into place after the previous series of Celebrity Big Brother which caused controversy concerning Shilpa Shetty.

Emily was called to the diary room to discuss this with Big Brother during the early hours, and had to leave without any further contact with the other housemates.

Emily's an indie chick with the heart of a middle class politician who has no time for those who don't live up to her high standards. hmmm.

Due to her short stay in the house is why her picture profile is very limited but we will add new ones when ever she appears in public.

What do you think of her standards? Was Big Brother right to evict her? let us know what you think.

Emily waves to the crowd on her way into the big brother house

Emily having a bad hair day

Emily looks the nuts in nuts

Emily and the other house mates console an upset Charlie

Emily hears she is being removed from the house for calling Charley a nigger

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