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Laura Williams

Laura Jane Williams, was the 4th Big brother house mate to be evicted. she was born September 1983. She is a nanny South Wales. She wants to train to be an embalmer. Laura says her friends have likened her to television character Vicky Pollard and comedian Peter Kay.with a hint of orville. Laura went in-to the big brother house for the experince and meet new people.
Laura is an absolute chatterbox who'll talk to anyone. She's not too keen on drinking alcohol and prefers drinking squash as it makes for a cheaper night out. Laura admits her nickname is 'Wangers' because of her large breasts..
What do you think of this big brother house mate? was she all sweet and innocent or a sheep in wolves clothing? love her or hate her let us know what you think below and hear all the latest news from this big brother house mate

Laura at BBs live fianl.

Laura pretending to be in the Australian big brother house

Liam is feeling under pressure!

Laura has just been evicted from the bb house

Laura steps in to stop Charley and Gerry arguing..

Laura, wondering how she actually manages to fit in her panties

Laura not amused at Carol suggesting she cleans her leapord pyjamas.

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