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Kristina and Karissa Shannon Pictures, video and Information

Sexy Kristina and Karissa Shannon are known for their glamor modeling and as former girlfriends of  Hugh Hefner who is the founder of the magazine Playboy. Karissa is the more dominant of the two. While in the house the two will become one housemate.

 They say they are both excited to be in the BB house. They don't like being around men who have so much to prove. They describe themselves as independent and smart. You can tell them apart because one is taller, and one has a more rounder face than the other. In 2009 they featured in a special playboy double center fold issue. 

My views: What can I say about these two girls other than they are very hot, sexy, smart.  I doubt they will take any nonsense from anyone in the house. They look like they can take care of them selfs very well. A great addition to the house.The way they act, they actually remind me of Jedward.

1st week.During the Rapunzel and the Prince BB task a twin was chosen to be Goldilocks and had to secretly decide in the diary room which housemate would be which fairy tale character. She made a perfect choice for everyone, especially making Nicola being the Big Bad Wolf.

2nd week. Karissa and Denise had to eat porridge during the 3 bears task and Denise was so annoyingly patronizing towards her and during the task it was obvious that Denise despises. .Big Brother really takes the piss this time!

These two girls are not just pretty faces. They are proving to be genuine nice girls who like to have fun even if it means the occasional shit stirring. It's all good. I am looking forward to the day when you both kick the shit out of Nicola lol.

3rd week. The twins are so entertaining although very bitchy!  You had to just love it when one of the twins got mad because Denise pulled down her panties and then decides to sue Big Brother if they showed her butt on tv!. Absolutely priceless.!!

3rd week.  The twins think they are going to win the show which they have been always saying. I can assure you although you know already they will never win! They are still pissed at Denise an are continue to bitch about her

Congratulations to the Shannon Twins, Frankie CocozzaMichael MadsonlGareth Thaomas and Denise Welch for making it to the final. 

Kristina and Karissa Shannon have become the 7th housemates to be evicted. I don't think they deserved to be booed that much!

More pictures and info to follow..
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