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Big Brother Twins Pictures & Videos

Identical twins Amy and Sally Broadbent who come as (two for the price of one) are identical twins aged 27 from Manchester. One of them is older by 10 minutes and one of them moans more than the other. Trying to figure out which is going to be hard! They describe themselves as are extremely close and say they can be as thick as thieves at times. They turned out to be quite bland and bitchy were evicted in week two.



Big brother fan or not, you must have heard of these famous Big Brother twins. They are Twins Jedward, aka John and Edward from celebrity Big Brother 2011 and, we have another set of twins, the sexy Sam and Amanda from Big Brother 8 who are collectively known as Samanda. These sets of twins are the nicest, funniest, sweetest and kindest people ever. Then in 2012, we had the Barbie twins, Kristina and Karissa Shannon.











Jedward flood the bathroom.



Samanda and the Jedward twins never had a mean word to say about any housemate. They were also the only housemates not to have been nominated or involved in any arguments and that's saying something! They are, very unique individuals. Most of the housemates think these twins were playing a game and that its impossible to be so nice all the time.

Sam Merchant and Amanda from Newcastle came 2nd with Brian Belo from Essex winning. The sisters entered the big brother describing themselves as 'Twincredible'. They have there own language "Twinglish". Sam is five minutes older than her sister, and is much less dominating, but more level headed. Even so, she shares an addiction to boys, partying, shopping and all things pink and fluffy, just like Amanda. They have their own 'Twin Song' they sing when they introduce themselves to boys. She was the 1st person to enter the big brother house and was so happy to see so much pink, her favorite color. 

Amanda Merchant is twin sister to Sam and five minutes younger. Amanda is the more dominant of the pair, but is no less addicted to boys, partying, shopping and all things pink and fluffy. They both say "If there's only one fit boy in the house we'll share him, "definitely!" They went on big brother just "to have fun. The twins are always giggling and finishing each others sentences and if they were interested in a male big brother housemate, "fit boys" as they like to refer to them, they'll share him!


See pictures and video below.











Amanda and Sam - AKA, Samanda Highlights




The latest twins and models Karissa and Kristina Shannon who appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 2012 are former playmates and also former girlfriends of Hugh Hefner who co founded the lads magazine Playboy.

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