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Abz Love Pictures, Videos, & Information

Abz, aka and real name Richard Abidin Breen. Former member of the Boy Band 5ive.
Abz Love VT video. 

 Video of Abz in the boyband 5ive.

My first impressions. He seems an OK guy. Nothing to report about Abz potential games as yet!

Week 1. Abz  is playing the (Sam BB2013 game). Keeping quiet and to himself which Abz knows is a game winning plan.

Week 2. Abz continues his game playing. Boring and quiet. Yes, I'm aware he has asperger's syndrome syndrome which means he does not like socialising or being around too many people but CBB is the time to be cured or at least try. Does he deserve to win!? NO!!

Week 3. Abz came 2nd place to the winner Charlotte. He spent his entire time in the house talking to the animals and flying under the radar. I can only imagine how life would be having to live with this individual who is too introverted and slightly weird.

The Lennon Sisters - Talk To The Animals

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