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Bruce Jones Pictures, Videos, & Information

Bruce Jone's aka, Les Battersby is best known from the tv soap Coronation Street.

Les Battersby's VT video.  

 Video of  Bruce as Les Battersby with his on screen wife Janice Battesby, (Vicky Entwistle) in Coronation Street.

My first impressions. I have never seen him before because I've never seen Coronation Street. He seems an ok guy but I doubt he'll bring much to the house. I hope I'm wrong.

Week 1. Bruce is the kind of guy we like in the house.....someone who will get angry and show it. So far he has been a good housemate but needs to get involved more.

Week 2.  Bruce has kicked off with Lauren and Charlotte. I know the pressure of being in the house is taking it's toll on everyone but more so Bruce, Can he continue and survive the next 2 weeks?

Video of Bruce blows his top with Charlotte. Watch at 03.15

Week 3, Final furlong. Bruce has been evicted. There was nothing more he could have brung to the house.

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