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Carol McGiffin Pictures, Videos, & Information

Carol McGiffin, one of the presenter's on the tv talk show Loose Woman.
Carol McGiffin's VT video. 

Carol McGiffin On Loose Woman.

My first impressions. She is a good housemate to be chosen and I expect fireworks with this one. let's hope BB is generous with the alcohol!

Week 1. Since appearing on the show, Carol has proven to be an honest individual who does NOT mince her words. She can be quite a bitch and sometimes for no reason.

One evening Carol was so drunk she needed help to get to bed. The very next day, Charlotte also got drunk and needed help to which Carol then started accusing Charlotte of pretending she was drunk and faking falling over.! I know Carol is jealous of Charlotte and that's why she hates her because Carol wants to be THEE girl who likes to get pissed and have a laugh and Charlotte is her competition.
Carol accuses Charlotte of pretending to be drunk and falling over. My advice is to ply them both with alcohol free drinks and watch what happens.!

Week 2. Carol is still being very bitchy and nasty for no reason. She is also instigating arguments which I know she really enjoys, and as an added extra bonus, she knows the public (us) like watching these rants and arguments take place. Will she win. I doubt it!  I do know one thing for sure, she has a very loose gob!

Week 3. Carol did very well by coming in 4th place. She really deserved to be in that house and to have lasted so long even though she could and should have won the show especially after all her continuous funny and bitching antics which we all will miss.

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