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Charlotte Crosby Pictures, Videos, & Information

Charlotte Crosby who starred in the reality show Geordie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby's VT video.

Charlotte Crosby on Geordie Shore.

 My first impressions. Charlotte is obviously a fun chic and will always be up for a laugh. Lets just hope Vicky and the other older housemate don't interfere or try and mother her (boss her around) and just let her have fun.

Week 1.  That evening when Carol was so drunk she needed help to get to bed. well, the very next day, Charlotte also got drunk and needed help to which Carol then started accusing Charlotte of pretending she was drunk and faking falling over.! I know Carol is jealous of Charlotte and that's why she hates her because Carol wants to be THEE girl who likes to get pissed and have a laugh and Charlotte is her competition.
Carol accuses Charlotte of pretending to be drunk and falling over. My advice is to ply them both with alcohol free drinks and watch what happens.!

If Charlotte fakes being dunk, then BB should give her AND Carol a free drinks task with alcohol free drinks and lets watch the ride!

Week 2. Charlotte is playing a great game.  I liked the way she stood up to Bruce and told him to stop being a stupid old man. Video below. Charlotte is a real contender to win the show but it's still early days.

Video of Bruce blows his top with Charlotte. Watch at 03.15

Week 3

Video of Big Brother Celebrity Charlotte Crosby Expose Boobs.

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