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Courtney Stodden Pictures, Videos, & Information

Courtney Stodden who is a model and tv personality.
Courtney Stodden's  VT video. 

Video of Courtney Stodden with her husband Doud Hutchinson.

My first impressions. Other than her annoying high pitched voice and LA accent I think Courtney looks like an honest, kind and adorable person. I have no idea what she'll bring to the house but I guess only time will tell.

Week 1. Since appearing on the show, Courtney has been quite a nice, but messy housemate. The complaints about her laziness and untidyness has led her to be nomiated for eviction this week.

Courtney's 'best friend' is Lauren. Courtney proved this by saying "before we leave, I'll give you my email address". EMAIL ADDRESS!! If someone was supposed to be MY best friend I would give them my mobile number and not email address lol.!!

Week 2. Courtney actually cannot stand Lauren and is doing well by 'putting up with her' and when they both do leave the house, Courtney will NEVER see Lauren again. Did you see Lauren try and give Courtney medication. An OMG moment!  SEE Video below. 

Week 2.  Courtney as saying she wants to go home which IS genuine. She's only 19 and in a house full of strangers on the other side of the world and a far cry from all her loved one's. I loved her task to sing the American national anthem while crying. I believe Courtney will go far and be among the top 3. See Video Below.

Courtney Stodden sings the American National Anthem while crying.

DON'T listen to the stupid CBB psychologists who suggest Courtney is lying about not wanting to be in the house. The fact of the matter is she DID want to be in there to hopefully win and also she DID want to leave because trying to win is hard work because it's really hard being in there under those BB conditions.

Week 3. Courtney has been evicted. She made a very entertaining sexy and funny person to watch and good luck to her and her husband for the future..

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