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Dustin Diamond Pictures, Videos, & Information

Dustin Diamond the American actor who played Screech (Samuel Powers) in the tv show Saved By The Bell among other stuff including appearing in a well known sex tape.
Dustin Diamond's VT video.

Video of Dustin Diamond about stuff.

My first impression. Dustin is obviously a Jack-the-lad and nice guy. I have never seen him before but he looks like he could contribute to making sure this years CBB is the best.

Week 1  Dustin has proven to be such a boring geek who thinks he must be still amazing after appearing on all the TV shows and commercials he's appeared on but he's nothing entertaining that's for sure...unless he has a script he will never be funny or clever enough to win CBB. An example in the video below.

Video of Dustin Diamond favorite joke 

Week 2 Not enough worthy news to report about Dustin. (As above in week 1.)

Week 3. Dustin's gone. Evicted and hopefully soon he'll be deported, never to be seen again.

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