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Louie Spence Pictures, Videos, & Information

Louie Spence is a tv personality and dance director from the tv show Pineapple Dance Studios.

Louie Spence's VT video. 

 Video of Louie Spence at the Pineapple Studios where he became famous.

My first impression. For someone as camp as him, Louie looks like a guy not to be messed with. If he can just relax and be himself in the house which I still have no idea who or what kind of person he really is.

Week 1. Louis has proved he can be as nice as pie and also at times an evil bitch which is the real Louis. He does not just mince about the house he also does not mince his words.

Week 2.  Louis is still being miserable and bitchy and pretending he wants to leave. He lives in a housing association property and needs as much airtime as possible to actually become a real star and celebrity. His game playing tactics mirrors that of Heidi and Spencer from CBB 2012.

Video of Louis bitching about Sophie.

 Week 3, final furlong. Louie is so desperate to stay in the house for as long as possible AND to win. He reckons he wants to leave but did you watch him perform the tasks brilliantly. He ate all the nasty food quicker than anyone else. He pretended to be drunk which was way too good. These are signs of someone determined to win at all costs and a good fibber.

Video of  Louie: Lying Is easy.

Louis has been evicted which was a complete shock not just to me but himself especially after hearing all the crowd chant, "get Vicky out" and cheering him!. What I can say about him now he was brilliant to listen to more than watch. I can imagine him and his "best friend" and ex spice girl member Emma Bunton bitching about everyone all day long. Lord knows what his future holds but what ever it is it's gonna be entertaining to watch as well as just listen too.!

Video of surprised Louis being evicted.

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