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Mario Falcone Pictures, Videos, & Information

Mario Falcone is known for appearing on the reality tv show, The Only Way Is Essex and cheating on his girlfriends.

Mario Falcone's VT video. 


Video of Mario Falcone. Of Lucy throwing her drink over him.

Week 1, My first impression. I am a big fan of Towie and think Mario thinks he's the Bees Knees and Gods gift to woman. I along with everyone else knew his relationship with Lucy would never have lasted. While in the house he basically said he's shag Carol McGiffin if given the chance which I found quite strange! What will happen next!?

Week 2.  Mario is playing a good game. He's liked by all the others and will definitely go far. Probably in the top 3. He has not done anything too controversial or funny and being just a nice guy can help you win!.

Week 3. Mario was the 5th place runner up after losing out to the winner Charlotte Crosby. It's a shame that no matter how nice or kind he thinks he is he just looks and acts very arrogant and cocky. Deep down he thinks he's far better and superior than anyone else. Maybe it's all that money he's so used to. Whatever it is. He will always be the bad guy.

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