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Sophie Anderton Pictures, Videos, & Information

Sophie Anderton is a model and is best known for advertising knickers and bras.
Sophie Anderton's VT video.

Video of Sophie Anderton modelling.

Week 1.  My first impressions. Sophie looks like a really nice and funny person. She does not just look very pretty but seems like a beautiful person. I know she'll bring lots of fun to the house.

Week 2. Everyone is picking on Sophie for no real reason. Some are doing this purely because they heard the "get Sophie out" chants during the last eviction which will only make Sophie less happy and thus not as entertaining as she could be. As far as I'm concerned she's done nothing wrong but I don't think she will last another week.

Sophie has been evicted. Her time had come after the housemates did not like her talking about herself and her life which they really got angry with her instead of letting her know kindly her faults which we all have. 

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